Call it hate, call it love, I call it art
Welcome to my virtual Art Gallery. My name is Doug and I am the Curator. I am responsible to find and interpret the works of art you will find here. I look for pieces that illicit some kind of an emotion or feeling from the viewers. My interpretations of the work can be found in the titles. The vast majority of the art in the gallery was found on If you would like to see more of the Artists works just click on the piece and you will be redirected to their portfolio. The job of a curator is a lonely one so I will use the gallery to sometimes express my own personal feelings & emotions. I express these thru some of my own drawings and words. The gallery is always open. So pour yourself a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and take a walk through the halls. If you have any questions or just want to say hello I always answer “Private”. I have added a new Virtual NSFW Gallery called "The Back Room". You can find the link below.
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There’s a book?

There’s a book?

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11th of February, 2013
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    ^^^^ congratulations Shane
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    Never fear, Asian man, Tori Amos is here to help.
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    Um? What?
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    Holy shit. 200 pages. 22 dollars //
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